Our Team

Daniel Gregory, Videographer. Aerial Drone Pilot.
Director & Videographer


Daniel produces both property and  corporate video content for FILMWORX and has done so from the very beginning. Having relevant certification from the CAA, Daniel is also a FILMWORX drone pilot.

Sam - Videographer, Walkthrough property tours


Sam enjoys opportunities that are both challenging and exciting. This has included various technical and creative roles, from camera assistant/operator to digital image technician. He is a welcome new addition to the team! 

Tony  - Videographer, Walkthrough property tours
Senior Videographer


With 15 years experience in the TV and Film industry, Tony brings his own style and creativity to FILMWORX. Tony has built up an impressive client list over the years and has produced content for Red Bull, Nike and BMW.

Laura - Filmworx administrator, taking aerial, drone video bookings.


With a background in property management, Laura brings many skills to organising the daily aspects of the office. She loves travelling & when she’s not planning her next big adventure she enjoys reading fantasy books about magical other worlds instead.

Vadim - Videographer, Walkthrough property tour


Originally from Estonia, Vadim moved to the UK at a young age to pursue his passion for still and moving image creation. Vadim has completed projects for a number of national businesses and local start-ups.

Dawn - video marketing promotion person


Dawn's enthusiasm for video marketing knows no bounds. Whether she's creating fun and engaging social media content or creating the next company blog, she has proven to be a thoroughly effective and knowledgeable member of the team.

Lorna - property marketing specialist and an accountant.


Having been involved in several start-ups, Lorna brings many valuable qualities to the business. She bakes a mean ('free from') cake and helps to steer the ship.

Jeremy - he's just a really cute cat!
The Cat


We'll be honest, Jeremy doesn't really do very much. He's very good at pulling this pose though and keeping the editing chair warm. Awwww.