Our Story

The Beginning


FILMWORX was established in 2012 by Managing Director Daniel Gregory. Daniel was primarily involved in the real estate industry at the time and was witnessing first hand how the events of 2007/8 were continuing to affect the housing market. So with an idea, a modest budget, and an abundance of enthusiasm, he left the corporate world to seek new adventures. The mission was to create a property media start-up that would help Estate Agents and distressed homeowners - sell their stock. 'Property Video' was a new and exciting way to market a home for sale and because of this it was one of the first services FILMWORX decided to offer.

After a few months, Daniel had a handful of clients located around Central Scotland and a head full of ideas of where to take the business next....

Aerial Film & Photography


Thanks to a friend in the industry, Daniel was introduced to the wonderful, (and occasionally dangerous) world of aerial imagery! Drones, or 'unmanned aerial vehicles' as they're now known, were a perfect tool to add to the arsenal and with very few companies offering this service at the time, a six month course to gain a qualification and a large insurance policy later meant that FILMWORX could now launch this as a saleable service. In fact, FILMWORX were the first media company in Scotland to offer aerial imagery with their property video packages and it still proves an incredibly popular service to this day.

Walkthrough Video


Again, trying to be innovators in their field, in 2016 FILMWORX purchased a 3 axis-stabilised camera rig that would enable them to create the silky smooth, 'fly-through' video that they are now know for. Initially this service was offered as an add-on to their other property video products, but it proved so popular that the Virtual Tour is now one of the most ordered services that FILMWORX currently offer. When added to cinematic aerial footage, it truly is a fantastic marketing tool!

Expand the Team


By 2017, there was a huge demand for property video, so FILMWORX decided to add to the team. Within a couple of months the expansion had begun with two new videographers and new administration staff. Around this time, one of FILMWORX's largest Estate Agency clients - Clyde Property launched a new marketing package that would offer home sellers a property video for every home that was marketed through them. A truly groundbreaking offering in the industry. FILMWORX jumped at the chance to be part of this and the strong relationship continues to this day.

The Future.....


All we can say is, watch this space..........

Property Videos

Property Videos


The successful sale of our home was in no small part due to the diligence, care and experience of the Filmworx team who managed to capture the absolute essence of our home and put it on screen for all to see.