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Updated: May 18, 2020

Not all property videos are created equal, here at FILMWORX we like to think of them as ‘mini-movies’. We like to transport the viewer into the subject, give them a real understanding of the property, guide them through it in a logical manner and most importantly - keep their attention. Photographs have always been an important visual element of websites and catalogues but video has seen huge growth and the statistics prove that every property can benefit from one. We like to make sure our ‘mini movies’ are specific to the property whether residential or commercial, it’s all about showcasing the bigger picture for us.


We like our ‘sets’ to be perfect, so there are a few things we like to do before we begin a shoot

Research – We like to familiarise ourselves with the property and the area, we like to make sure we know where all the pertinent features are, we shoot our walkthrough tours as a potential buyer, it has to be smooth and logical but capturing all those special features; staircases, stained glass windows and quirky corners. It’s good to get a feel for the neighbourhood too and if it’s a selling point then we’ll use it. Quite often we’re selling a lifestyle and not just a property.

Lighting – Decent natural lighting is best for property shoots so we like to film our videos around the weather if possible. If you are opting for our Premium Property Video Service then aerial work can often be filmed on a separate day if the forecast changes which ensures we always get an opportunity to show your property at it’s best!

Prepare the Property – This is really important! We want potential buyers to feel like the space can work for them and ideally picture themselves living there. It’s important to de-clutter, straighten out beds, take down personal items if you have a lot, clear hallways and passages, open blinds and curtains. Tidy up the outside, simple things like sorting paintwork, clearing paths and weeding can make a huge difference to the way a property looks and will look in your video.


This is the bit we really love – telling the story! Getting to take all those shots, putting them together and adding some music that sets the mood - Instrumentals are our first choice and we have hundreds in our library to choose from! Adding branding, graphics and that all important ‘call to action’.

There we have it, the perfect mini movie that will help boost your online marketing efforts!

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