Lockdown Update - May 2020

Updated: May 14, 2020

With the nation 7 weeks into Lockdown and the housing market at a standstill, (certainly in Scotland), our property media videographers are waiting patiently for positive signs from the government. Although we can’t visit new clients just yet, there is still much to do in the background. Some of us are currently furloughed and some of us are working remotely, filling our days updating websites, social media accounts, speaking to clients and just generally keeping ourselves up-to-date on the current situation.… anxiously waiting for the engines to be fired up!

A 7-week pause is a long time in business, but in that time we’ve still managed to produce 3 promotional videos for one of our biggest clients – Clyde Property, one which was aimed at thanking our amazing NHS staff and Key Works for all their hard work! Another 2 videos were shot remotely by Clyde staff with Stock footage added by FILMWORX, both exploring their thoughts on the state of the current sales and letting market ….it’s all very positive, as we should still try to be at this difficult time.

We’ve been following developments in the property market and the Scottish construction news religiously and although there’s been pretty devastating news for some builders and their employees, there’s also been some good news for the industry too… contracts are still being signed and building work will commence, new hotels and even some huge new developments in Scotland are on the horizon.

We know that the property market will pick back up, families grow, people will still want to move and houses will still need to be sold but times are definitely changing. The virus won’t just magically disappear so we’ll just need to find a way of working alongside it, and whilst virtual viewing has always been a big deal in the industry - in times of social distancing and limited contact it’s going to be even more prevalent – after all it does give people the opportunity to view properties without having to leave the house!

Meanwhile we’re here, waiting and refining what we already know about film making and researching what we need to do to make it even better. We just can’t wait to get back to work!.....

It may be a good time for you to consider if a promotional video could work for your business, allowing customers to continue engaging with you remotely. Please get in touch today for more info.


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