Promotional Film

What we offer

Promotional video is proven to help businesses attract more customers by making the experience personal for the viewer. With tough competition in most business sectors, corporate, testimonial and branded videos are a great way to show how amazing your business is and what you do differently to your competitors.

Our mission is to produce affordable promotional videos that will hugely increase brand awareness and onward sales. Whether you decide to film an engaging corporate video, a client testimonial video to show positive customer feedback, a series of video ‘shorts’ for your social media channels, or a full promotional video to help showcase your product or service - please get in touch today to find out how FILMWORX can help.

We make things easy by organising our promotional video service into three categories - 'Business', 'Product' and 'Location', or if you would prefer - a mix of all three! Please click on the links below for more information on each and a selection of recent examples.

If you have a specific project in mind that isn't covered in the service list above and would like to chat it over with us, please reach out using the contact button below.